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Thursday, December 9, 2010

REIC Purchase Order

Executive Summary

The Real Estate Investment Club (REIC) is a conglomerate of several companies that provides real estate solutions to its members. Some of its companies include a real estate firm, a mortgage brokerage, and an insurance brokerage. In all, there are seven different companies within the conglomerate. All of these companies’ finances are maintained by one accounting department consisting of five accountants. The total number of employees within all the companies is over sixty. As the company has grown with more employees and more purchases, the purchase order system has become quite sloppy. Purchase Orders are not completed correctly and sometimes not completed at all. Monthly purchases typically exceed $100,000 and so it is very important that these purchases are allocated to the proper company and that the accounting department is aware that the purchase was made.

In order help streamline the purchasing process and ensure that all purchase orders are sent to the accounting department I have written a sub procedure that should help with these problems. The sub procedure will help the user properly fill out the purchase order and then automatically email a copy of it to the controller. A signed, hard copy of the purchase order will still need to be sent to accounting, however, if the controller receives an electronic copy when the purchase order is completed he will know with whom he needs to follow up with if he becomes aware of a purchase that is not accompanied by a signed purchase order.

Project writeup
Excel file

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