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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Executive Summary - Accounting Comission Automation

Jason Stowell



Executive Summary

For my VBA project I spoke with my brother-in-law who is a partner in an accounting firm that specializes in payroll, accounting, benefits, hr, and corporate design. I have spoken to him multiple times helping him with his questions regarding excel.

At the accounting firm, they have multiple tasks that are very repetitive and time consuming. These issues include renaming up to 30 sheets in one workbook, setting the print areas for each sheet, and getting bank statement information.

The solution I created for the firm was creating a custom AdminAssist ribbon that stores their most used excel features. Likewise, the custom ribbon has buttons that will initiate VBA sub procedures that assist in formatting and printing their commission statements created monthly for clients. These sub procedures include renaming sheets, defining print areas, and launching a custom print dialog box. Finally, the ribbon has a button that will log into a client’s bank and download their monthly bank statements.

Here are a list of files for the project.


Custom Ribbon - Add In

Sample Commission Statement

Custom Ribbon - Excel File (if needed for grading purposes)

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