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Thursday, December 9, 2010

C-Clearly Customer Database

This VBA project improves how customer information is recorded and tracked by C-Clearly windows. C-Clearly is a small window cleaning company that a friend and I started two summers ago. Our main focus is residential customers, although we have done a few commercial jobs. We currently have 50 customers listed on a spread sheet who we’ve served over the last two years, and we plan on adding more to that list next spring.

Problems: Our spreadsheet is sporadically populated, often containing only the names of people and missing important information such as phone numbers and whether or not we’ve received payments. We are very busy over the summer, and often forget or are too tired to update our records properly at the end of each day. Also, we’ve had difficulty remembering important tasks such as following up with contacts, calling customers in advance of upcoming appointments, and tracking payment receipts and deposits.

VBA Solution: My program solves these problems by taking the user through a form walkthrough. The walk-through goes step by step, prompting the user to information about completed jobs, payment receipts and deposits, follow-up items, and new customers. When all new information is entered the VBA generates a 10 day calendar that lists which jobs are scheduled for each day. The calendar also includes weather forecasts pulled from The program then searches the database and creates a list of outstanding checks and follow-up items, highlighting in red those items that are past due. Finally, the program sends a text message with a reminder to call tomorrow’s appointment with the accompanying job and contact information.

C-Clearly Customer Database w/ VBA

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