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Monday, December 6, 2010

Executive Summary: Rental Property Reconciliation

Executive Summary

Before returning to the MBA program I spent some time investing in real estate. I purchased single family homes around Minneapolis and manage these properties long distance. Currently my company owns four rental properties. To help track the profits and losses on the properties I created a spreadsheet which has amortization schedules for each of the properties, a sheet to track expenses, a sheet to help analyze the ROI on each of the properties, and a sheet dedicated to the yearly P&L analysis. I had already made the spreadsheet somewhat dynamic by creating inputs that filtered from one part of the spreadsheet to another. For example, on the P&L sheet I created a line for Rental Income, Loan Payment, Gross Profit, Expenses, and EBITDA. For each property I have a totals column that calculates the values for each of those lines and then feeds the values into a combines P&L statement. So the VBA project was not to help with the dynamic part but to help speed up the manual part of the process.

Typically I reconcile income and expenses by logging into my business checking account and manually entering in each expense. My VBA project was an effort to help minimize the amount of time spent on this process and more effectively streamline the data. Even though it works now there were some issues that I had to work around such as the variability of many of the inputs. Rental income and expenses can be very different month to month so I needed a way to enter some data manually but still make the process faster and more efficient. I was able to create a user form to input rental income and a list box to allocate transactions to different properties. The project was a success. A process that typically took 40 minutes can now be done in one minute.

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