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Thursday, December 9, 2010

CRE loans Autoformatter

In order for a bank in Salt Lake City to accurately forecast losses for its Commercial Real Estate loans, it needs the help of a third party tool called “CRE Analysis”.

But, the tool needs the user to input a data sheet, providing details such as loan amount, zipcode, LTV(Loan to Value) etc. of the loan. This data is retrieved from a database of the bank. However, the data retrieved from the database doesn’t comply with the format “CRE Analysis” requires. Every day tens of sheets are loaded by each user of the tool to perform analysis on loans. Each user spends about halfan hour to one hour just formatting the sheet to comply with the tool’s requirements. Automating the process can save the bank about 25-30 man hours each day and generate lot of savings for the bank as the time spent on formatting the sheet can be spent on some financial analysis.

The program I propose formats the data downloaded to the form desired by the tool.

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