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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recurring Revenue Report - Steven Wilde

I work for a local company that develops and licenses software for academic institutions and corporations throughout the world. The software is hosted online meaning that users purchase access to the tool for a specified period of time. Most transactions occur annually and the user pays for their access at the beginning of its license. The organization has experienced intense growth over the last few years. A key part of its business model is recurring or renewal licensing. The accounting department is responsible to keeping track of upcoming renewals and responsible to confirm renewals with sales representatives before sending invoices to clients. In prior years the task was simple and required relatively little time. However over the last year the number of transactions and the revenue generated from renewals has grown substantially. Additionally the workforce has more than doubled and there are no longer only a few sales representatives to speak with.

My VBA project reduces the amount of time for the accounting team to generate and deliver individual reports for all sales representatives through automating the process. Each sales representative has its own worksheet automatically generated with all relevant information presented in an organized matter. The solution is meant to be simple and intuitive as individuals with varying degrees of Excel experience will use the Workbook. The project has already been implemented and has reduced the time required to complete the task from two-three hours each week to just a few minutes.

Write Up

Excel Spreadsheet w/ Macro

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