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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Competition Information

Executive Summary

For this project I worked on developing a pricing chart for my father-in-law's gymnastics business. My father-in-law's business is called Randy's Xtreme Tumbling and is located in Pocatello, Idaho. The gym is primarily operated and staffed by family members. My father-in-law is the main instructor and his wife handles most of the finances for the business. Most, but not all, of the supplemental instructors and workers are children of the family or close relatives. The main source of revenue for the business comes from teaching beginning and intermediate tumbling. Other revenues come from hosting birthday parties and renting the gym out for special occasions. Over the past year my in-laws started to wonder if their gym is priced correctly compared to other gyms in the area. After doing research they noticed that their gym was charging substantially less than a few of their competitors. They subsequently raised prices to bring the business into parity with their competitors. When talking to my in-laws about why it took them so long to raise their prices they said they just weren't sure what other gyms were doing. They also stated that it took a decent amount of time to track down the other gyms and find their pricing information. Over time, the task became something that they continued to put off knowing it would take an afternoon to get the information from a host of different web sites.

For this project I picked four gyms located in the general area and wrote VBA code to gather their pricing information and compare it against the pricing information of my father-in-law's gym. I then wrote additional code that makes it possible to save this information and email it to key stakeholders in the business. One of the reasons this project is of value to the business is that the process will have to be done over and over. In reality, this information should be checked at least quarterly. This code will save my in-laws hours of time and make a boring repetitive process a simple task taking less than a minute going forward.

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