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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Employee Payroll Userform

Los Angeles Records Service is a southern California-based company aimed at providing support services to the legal community. They mainly provide subpoena preparation, medical record copying, and x-ray reproduction services.

Recently, Los Angeles Records Service outsourced their payroll function to a company called Paychex. Information to do payroll, such as hours, is currently collected using a paper system. Employees fill out the times that they come in and out of the office on paper time cards. These time cards are then submitted every week to the payroll manager, who then calculates all of the hours worked for each employee by hand. This process takes about one to two hours to complete usually. The payroll manager wanted to keep paper time cards, but wanted a way to easily enter the hours worked by employees because she has to provide this information to Paychex bi-weekly.

To shorten the time it takes to do this task, I have created a timesheet in Microsoft Excel as a userform where the payroll manager can now easily enter the times that employees clock in and out of the office. This form then automatically calculates the hours and provides data in a simple spreadsheet that can be sent to Paychex in order to process payroll. In addition to the timesheeet form, I have also provided an employee form for the payroll manager to be able to add or remove employees as turnover occurs

Project Writeup

Excel File


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