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Thursday, December 11, 2014

AC Neilsen Report Automation

Executive Summary:

Brand Managers all over the world use AC Neilsen report to look track the performance of their brand, see what competitors are doing and where the industry is heading in the future. This semester I took Brand Management class and I was given an assignment to analyze the performance of one brand out of a total of 25 by looking at 25 different matrices such as base volume and incremental volume. There are many different ways to analyze this data but most commonly used is the tree structure which I had submitted in my project proposal. By building that tree and looking at all the numbers we can see what major changes are there and what are the drivers for those changes.

In today’s competitive and data driven world it is not sufficient to track data for just your brand. It is very crucial for a successful brand manager to have an idea about how other players/brands are doing in the market. Problem with keeping track of all the brands is that – there are too many matrices and not sufficient time to do the analysis. Other challenge is that there is too much data flowing in at consistent or increased pace and if we assume that reports are generated quarterly, a brand manager either has do the analysis on her/his own all over again or have some dedicated person to do it for her/him.

To resolve this issue and help brand managers save time and effort I have created this project which automates calculation of key matrices and helps save time, energy and money. Once a brand manager downloads the current data for all the brands, she/he has to just go in and paste the data in the required space. There is a dropdown in the Brand Key Matrices sheet where a user can go in and select the brand for which data is required. On selecting the brand, data is picked from 5 Channel – Latest 12wk report and calculations are done in the backend. Once we have the data for the key matrices we want to look at, corresponding fields are populated in the Key Matrices sheet. Now if user wants to look at data from another brand, all she/he has to do is again go to the drop down and select the brand and required data would be available on the same page. This makes analysis of data easy, simple and fast.

Here is a link to the Excel-workbook and Write-up



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