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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brand Automation - Prateek Oberoi

Brand Automation

Executive Summary:

Brand Managers often spend a lot of time analyzing the growth trends of their brand. Performing and analyzing growth trends for different brands on 25 different characteristics and sharing it with the manager or other stakeholders becomes a huge task. This project is aimed at solving this problem, automating the process of analyzing and plotting growth rates in all 25 attributes and also automating the process of sending an email with the required report, filtering out all the unnecessary raw data.

The project calculates growth rates of the selected brand in all the 25 attributes for the overall market and for the individual retailers. It generates a new sheet referred as “Brand Report” which has all the data in a format which enables simple comparison of growth rates across retailers and in overall market. A chart comparing the growth trends is dynamically generated based on the calculated growth rates.

Finally, the project provides an “Email Report” option in the ribbon to send out reports quickly. When you send the email it creates a copy of your report generates a new excel sheet, and sends it to the concerned person as an attachment. This helps to filter the information and send it to the Brand Manager who is associated with that particular brand. 

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