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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hinckley Center Inventory System

The Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitor’s Center is home to several campus departments.  These departments are technologically serviced by the BYU Alumni Computer Support Representatives.  As part of their job, the Alumni CSRs spend a month each year purchasing new and replacing old computers used by staff.  The process of determining systems to be replaced, tracking computer location, and avoiding out-of-warranty repair needs has historically been very difficult.  An complete inventory tracking system with easy, intuitive user interface and simple data manipulation will greatly streamline the processes involved with computer maintenance at the Hinckley Center.

The newly built Hinckley Center inventory system allows for the easy manipulation of inventory data, and additionally facilitates painless addition of computers, configurations, and personnel to whom the computers are assigned.  Input forms, relational database design, data tabulation, and automated email systems all work together to provide a better inventory experience for Alumni CSRs and their end users alike.

Microsoft Excel and Access underpin the inventory system, and unlock the door for data manipulation power.  Coupled with a familiar and intuitive interface, the new system allows for inventory tracking by laymen and computer geeks alike.  It truly helps create a more welcoming, inviting system for Alumni CSRs and removes many of the previous burdens to use, the end result of which is a more utilized, accurate, robust inventory solution.

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