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Thursday, December 11, 2014

PayPal to QuickBooks Sorter

The local CPA firm for which I work uses QuickBooks to manage the books of their clients.  As of 2013, QuickBooks added a feature that allows users to copy and paste information from Excel into QuickBooks. 

To take advantage of this function, one of my colleagues, Mike, created two subroutines that allows users to manually input financial information downloaded from bank accounts into Excel and prepare that information to be easily copied into QuickBooks. 


Mike’s subs have been effective at preparing information to be downloaded into QuickBooks from banks that cannot download financial information into QuickBooks directly, such as personal PayPal accounts.  However, this solution has not worked for PayPal business accounts.  Information downloaded from PayPal business accounts includes deposits that are recorded at a gross value that subtract associated PayPal fees in a separate column.  Both the gross amount and the fees need to be recorded into QuickBooks, but the process of manually adding deposits, fees, and expenses into Mike’s spreadsheet to run Mike’s subs is laborious.


My project expands upon Mike’s work by preparing PayPal information (both personal and business accounts) to be used in Mike’s subroutines.  My solution helps users by performing three main functions:

1.     Opening a webpage and instructing users on how to download information from PayPal into a .csv file to be used in the program

2.     Taking the recently download information and copying it into the main Excel file

3.     Sorts the deposits, fees (if applicable), and expenses into different tabs, with expenses being placed in the proper cells to work with Mike’s subs

My subroutine code could also be adjusted so that it would work for other banks as well.
NOTE to grader : As the Excel doc contains sensitive financial information, I will be emailing the Excel files to you.  There is an additional .csv file attached to this email called "PayPal.csv" that is intended to be used to test out subroutines 2 and 3.  This file has to be in the same folder as the excel document. 

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