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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Penny Stock Finder - IS520FinalProject

Some stock traders like the low price and volatility of penny stocks, but finding
good ones can be a pain because you want both low price and high price
movement. Also, any stocks that do not have a chart available are useless for
technical traders since all decisions are made according to the stock’s charts.
Stock screeners like those on yahoo!finance are problematic because they do not
allow a very specific price range, and they list all stocks, even those with no
price history to analyze, and even those with stocks valued below one cent. For
my project I want to allow the user to choose a lower and an upper price limit
and then have all stocks in that price range listed from yahoo!finance, along with
each stock’s company name, current price, and volatility (beta). That list will
then be cleaned up to take out the stocks with no charts available, and hyperlinks
will be added to link each stock to its respective chart on yahoo!finance.
The list will then be converted into a table, which will allow the user to sort
the list based on price, volatility, and alphabetically by company name. Each
new search using the user form will add a new page to the current workbook
that includes the table for that search. This project could be useful for anyone
that practices technical trading, from beginners to more advanced traders. The
program also extends to trading stocks in any price range, since a user form will
be used to collect the desired price range. The end product is a concise list of
usable, interesting stocks to analyze.

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