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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Executive Summary - Nursery Patron Tracking

 I am working with a non-profit organization called the “Family Support and Treatment Center”.  One of the services that they provide at the center is a nursery for underprivileged children.  The center tracks the patrons that use the service, the hours that they are at the center, and reports the data to the State of Utah for reimbursement purposes.  Currently the center is tracking all of the time that patrons are at the nursery on paper.  The hours are recorded on an ad hoc basis and then later the data are transferred into an excel sheet for the necessary reporting purposes.  The center also schedules appointments for the nursery a week in advance on a piece of paper generated from Excel.

After talking to the organization, I volunteered to decrease the amount of administrative effort they expend on tracking nursery patrons by automating the process.  This project allows the center to check in and check out their patrons using a simple user interface.  In the background, the spreadsheet tracks the time in and out for each patron and also generates the end of month numbers needed to submit to the State of Utah for reimbursement. 
In order to increase the safety of the patrons, the spreadsheet automatically sends emails to a Gmail account whenever a patron is checked in, so that the most updated list of patrons are available on any mobile device in the case of an emergency or evacuation. 

A ‘patrons’ tab also includes the names and demographics of the patrons which frequent the center. 
Finally, the ‘weekly schedule’ tab helps the center prepare for the upcoming visits of their patrons.  The center only schedules appointments for a week at a time, and so the schedule will be created for a week at a time and there will be a button that prepares the sheet for the next week’s schedule.

Excel file
Write up

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