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Thursday, December 11, 2014

AR/Financial Analysis

AJ Wright
VBA Project
Executive Summary
Business Description and Problem
I currently work for Altitude Equipment Rental located in Heber City.  I am their Assistant Controller and deal with putting together reports for Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), and Financial Statements for financial analysis.  One of the issues I ran into while working was putting together reports that helped us manage AR and the reports for our Financial Statements.  It is a menial task that takes more time than it should.  We have to download the most recent reports, vlook-up for old info, add in certain calculations etc.  This takes a lot of time when there are better things we could be doing with our time. 

My project is built to help solve some of the menial tasks that go along with putting together these reports.  For AR my system works to help pull in a current AR report, add notes from the past AR report, and pull in data from another system that helps us see the status of the open invoices.  Before, this would take lots of time to open each file and then copy over the data.  My project aims to speed up the process and help decrease the time spent trying to figure out how to make sure you had the most updated data.  It also gives the user a breakdown of how AR is looking over all and allows for better tracking of customers invoices.

For putting together financial statements, I needed a program that would make it easy to pull in all the reports while also capturing the values so we could do an analysis of the company’s performance.  Before this would take a long time to be sure everything was formatted correctly and that all the data was matched up with what was in QuickBooks.  Now with this we can insert the reports downloaded from QuickBooks into one file and have an analysis be run quickly so that we can spend more time analyzing the company’s performance rather than putting together a report

‘AR Setup’ and ‘Financial Statement Setup’ are the two workbooks that make up my project and are something that I believe will be greatly speed up the process, improve the company’s performance, and allow us to spend time where it really matters.

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