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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Henderson Sales Report

Henderson Sales Report

By Jason Kruger


Business Description

The Sales Representatives at Henderson, a regional truck and auto part retailer, are required to submit a Monthly Sales Report.  These reports are all turned in to the Sales Manager and VP of Sales.  The Sales Representatives are to report on who they visited or called, what they talked about, and highlight anything that they feel needs to be brought up to the Sales Manager or VP of Sales.


Business Issue

Because Henderson is a smaller regional company, the owners have not invested in a lot of technology.  This leaves a lot of functions to be done with paper and pencil.  The Monthly Sales Report is one of these functions.  To fill out these reports takes close to 20 hours to fill out correctly.  This is a lot of time, especially to a sales representative who is paid on commission.  The more time they take to fill out these reports, the less time the sales representatives have at visiting customers.



To help the sales representatives spend less time writing their reports, I decided to create a way so the sales representatives could fill the reports out on a computer in order to save time.  I did this by creating a form in excel that they can use to put in their information for the month.  This form allows them to quickly fill in their report by using dropdown menus, list boxes, and check boxes to fill in a majority of their information.  They only need to type in one or two bits of information to create one line in their report.  Most of the sales representative that would use this form would not have a lot of technical knowledge so I created the workbook so everything could be down in the form.  Also the only option in the ribbon they have access to, is a button that will bring up the form.  Also in the form I have automated the formatting and printing of the report all in one button.  After they are done inserting their information then they click the print button and select their printer and print.

By using this form the sales representatives at Henderson can save time filling out reports and more time taking care of customers.

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