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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Recipe Book and Meal Calendar

Executive Summary:

With this project I wanted to create something that I could actually use to solve a problem. Since the company I work for didn't have any recommendations, I turned to problems in my own home.


My wife and I face a problem that many single people and young families face. We are always too busy, too lazy, or too unprepared to make a decent dinner when we are hungry. One quick look through the cupboards and our stomach usually forces us to put some Ramen Noodles on the stove or throw a bowl of Spaghetti-o’s in the microwave. This reaction is a result of lack of preparation, we haven’t shopped for anything useful, and lack of creativity, it’s hard to think on an empty stomach. Even though we both enjoy eating real meals and are relatively decent cooks, we often end up eating these quick meals and the problem has yet to fix itself.


I created a program to help us solve the two main problems we face at dinner time. What should we eat? And do we have the stuff to make it? The spreadsheet I created allows a user to input and store recipes and makes it quick and easy to sort by prep time required or by how many days the food usually lasts. In addition, you can then add those recipes to a meal calendar to help you plan ahead. To make sure you have everything you need for your meals there is a tab that will build you a complete list of ingredients you need based on the meals you have planned in the calendar. With this program you know what food you want to eat, what you need in order to make it, and how long it’s going to take you. My wife and I plan to use this spreadsheet from now on so that we can make meal time more satisfying and less depressing!

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