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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shopping List Generator 

Executive Summary
For this project, I chose to create a grocery shopping list generator for my wife. My wife is a registered dietitian who focused in food service management. While in school she managed the Pendulum Court Café in the Eyring Science Building on the BYU campus. As the manager, she used software that could generate a grocery list based on the recipes that the Café would be using for the next week or so. I decided I wanted to replicate, on a smaller scale, the software that she used in her work using Microsoft Excel and VBA. This grocery shopping list generator can then be used in our home as we plan our meals and buy the necessary ingredients, while trying to stay within a budget.

With this shopping list generator (a user form), the user can select multiple recipes from a list box as well as individual food items from the database to create a shopping list of the major ingredients needed to make those recipes. Upon selecting “OK”, each ingredient that has been selected with the user form appears in the Excel spreadsheet, along with its price per unit. The list is then organized by food category and the total estimated price for the shopping list appears at the bottom of the list. Additionally, the user can enter new recipes and new food items, along with their prices, into the database with user forms. The shopping list generator then draws upon these updated databased to create a shopping list.

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