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Friday, December 12, 2014

Queuing Simulation


I plan on going into a career in government program evaluation/performance auditing. As public agents, it is crucial that government provide its services as efficiently and effectively as possible. Program evaluators strive to improve a program’s performance by measuring current outcomes and establishing realistic benchmarks. A useful tool to measure performance is through simulations. In this case, the model simulates line conditions and service at a government agency.

Model Solution

The model simulates lines conditions at a government agency, where clients arrive and wait in line to be assisted by servers. The model can simulate several aspects of a government queue, such as length of service, number of servers available, time between arrivals, and hours of operation. The model takes these user inputs into consideration and then reports relevant statistics.
The model is event-based. It uses the user inputs to schedule events. First, it schedules the arrival of the first client. Second, the client checks to see if any server is available. If a server is available, the client receives service. If no servers are available, the client waits in line. At the same time, the next client’s arrival is scheduled. Third, the first client leaves the system and the second client arrives. Fourth, the counters and statistics update.

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