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Friday, December 12, 2014

Value Investing Game

Executive Summary

There are many programs out there to learn how to invest and pull information from online sources.  Most of these programs however are focused in individual stocks that are publicly traded on the U.S. stock exchanges.  I want to learn more not just about stocks but indices that are traded globally.  I am going to be starting my first job in a couple of months and I want to understand the principles of value investing, particularly in these global stocks and indices.  When I sign my paperwork about how I want to invest my savings, I want to have a good idea where and why.

Therefore, I created an investing tool to create value portfolios in equities.  The program is created to create global value portfolios, compare them, and track them over time.  In order to better learn the global equities, I decided to create a game.  The game is used mostly as a simple benchmark while the program itself is meant to help the user familiarize themselves with stocks and indices.

*the project itself was too large to be uploaded but was submitted to LS and send to TA's email

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