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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Laser Tag

Project Purpose

In the future, I would like to build a laser tag system that I could use when I build by own laser tag equipment.  I would also like to run my own laser tag arena one day.  To do this I wanted to find out what it would take to develop a scoring system in Excel.  I believe that programing a system in excel will help me be able to understand what variables are required and be able to write a better program in other programing languages.

Game Context

Laser tag is a game that usually has a dark environment.  Players are usually inside, but outside courses also exist.  Once the game begins, players move through the arena trying to find other players, not on their team, so that they can shoot at targets on other players trying to avoid having their own targets being hit.  After a certain amount of time the game ends and the points are totaled.  The scoring system keeps track of statistics like which player shot you and how many time you shot them, your accuracy, and which team won the game.


The system I built replicates a game of laser tag, and the scoring system.  It keeps track of which players hit your pointer and how many times you clicked the player buttons.  It simulates accuracy and also shows who won the game by showing a percentage of the total points available in the game.  Charts are included which display shots given and taken with each player as well as a percentage of total points possible to further augment the scoring data; most laser tag arenas have some kind of report at the end.  This project is the basis for a future scoring system that will be based off of the lessons learned.  The future scoring system will use new ideas and better coding to provide a perfect laser tag experience.

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