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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Executive Summary

Marcus & Millichap is a commercial real estate company that specializes in investment sales. They employ sales agents as independent contractors that act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers in the transaction of real estate. Once the real estate property is selected, the seller and agent sign a contract that allows the agent to list and market the property. A part of this marketing strategy requires a pitch book, or offering memorandum. The offering memorandum includes geographic information, pricing information, and tenant information. 

This firm uses a program called iMpact3 to produce offering memoranda. The portion of the offering memorandum I am going to focus on is the rent roll. This section contains a table of current tenant information, another table of tenant lease expiration data, and a graph that represents the lease expiration data. Though effective in other areas such as financial analysis and sales comparison presentation, iMpact3 is very clunky and inefficient compared to Excel when it comes to rent rolls. The largest set back is the lack of keyboard shortcuts. In order to avoid wasting time trying to enter data in their program by pointing and clicking, I created a model in Excel that produces the same results and looks exactly the same as the rent roll section in iMpact3, but is much more user friendly. As a result, the user is able to manipulate data easily in Excel and then take a screen shot of the final product and insert the screen shot into the final iMpact3 document as a .PNG image. 

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