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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Luncheon Coordination

Executive Summary
The Business Career Center within the Marriott School has a Recruiter Support Team of which I am a part. This Recruiter Support Team is tasked with handling all interactions and preparations with recruiters in order to facilitate their Marriott School experience while on campus. As part of that experience we offer a complimentary luncheon where faculty/staff from the Marriott School will be present to meet and network with the recruiters.
 A large portion of my responsibility on this team is to facilitate this luncheon experience: the coordination and invitations, the hosting, and all preparation/ordering food, etc. Just months prior to understanding more about VBA coding I was completing each of these tasks manually taking hours each day. However, now I have designed two programs; one to automatically combine all lunch orders from recruiters and staff/faculty into one easy-to-read spreadsheet and the other to combine the schedules of recruiter visits with their associated faculty/staff. In these processes of combination, I also pull the contact information of all recruiters into another file where it can be stored for use by the rest of my Recruiter Support Team.

Once I have the associated faculty for each recruiting visit, my program will send automatic emails to the linked faculty/staff members and invite them to lunch with their assigned recruiters on the day the recruiters will be on campus.

(All 9 files after the project write-up must be downloaded for the full effect of the code to take place--the 2nd and 3rd are where the code is located and the first 6 after the project write up should be opened when running the code)

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