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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Customer Complaint System

Executive Summary

Taffy Town Inc. is a small family owned business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company has been in business for almost 100 years. The company was known as the Glade Candy Company until 1995 when the company changed its name to Taffy Town to reflect its decision to discontinue all of its product lines other than taffy.  Since 1995, Taffy Town has positioned itself as a leader in gourmet taffy. The company primarily does business in the United States, although in recent years it has picked up some key international accounts. The company prides itself in using the finest ingredients and in processing the taffy in a manner that keeps the product fresh and soft. Taffy Town currently produces over 60 flavors and a variety of standard assortments.

For my project, I created a system that will help Taffy Town manage customer complaints. The system uses Excel as the user interface and Access to store the data. When a complaint is received, the employee receiving the complaint will open the application by clicking on the shortcut on his or her desktop. The employee will enter the required information, including the customer’s description of the complaint. The employee also has access to a chart summarizing historical complaints in case he or she needs to reference that information. After the employee records the complaint, an email is sent to the appropriate individual(s) in the company. The email includes the complaint information along with a chart showing historical complaints.

When the individual receives the email, he or she will take the necessary action to resolve the complaint. Once the complaint is resolved, the employee will record the resolution in the customer complaint system. At the end of each week, the sales manager will use a report to review all complaints that have not been resolved within 5 days. He will also review complaints that have been resolved and change the status of the complaints from open to closed.

The customer complaint system will help Taffy Town better understand complaint trends by providing a centralized location to store all complaint data. The system will further help Taffy Town by creating an instantaneous way for employees to be made aware of complaints that resulted from process failures in their respective departments. Additionally, the system will provide a framework for holding the respective managers accountable for resolving process failures that led to the complaint. Finally, the system provides a set of reports to enable employees to quickly view complaint data and to follow up on unresolved items.

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  1. FYI, the email functionality of my project only works with Microsoft Outlook. Also, the database must be downloaded and saved to the same file as the excel file in order to work.


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