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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sports Stat Analyzer

Executive Summary

Fantasy Football is a popular pastime. It is estimated that there are currently 19 million people competing in private and public fantasy football leagues online nationally. With so much competition, there is a lot of room for advisors.

Business Proposition
In order to take advantage of the popularity of things like fantasy football, I have decided to begin consulting and advising people regarding which teams are likely to do well this coming season. I will base this advice on past performance of teams.

System Overview
There is a plethora of information online. My workbook will allow a user aggregate data on football teams and run a report on the data. The data can be loaded from a batch of Excel spreadsheets or from an MS Access database. The system will allow a user to import the data from the various spreadsheets into a database for easier maintenance.

After the data is imported into the workbook, a basic report can be generated. Once the report is created it can be saved as an image. The user can then email that attachment to others (either a single user or to a list of email addresses).

Value Proposition
This workbook is a first step in automatic generation of reports and statistics that will allow someone like me to advise others in their endeavors to make strategic choices in their fantasy football leagues.

In the future this workbook can be applied to other sports and can automatically scrape the web to get sports data and update reports based on the newest data. 

Write Up
Test Data Zip
DB File

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