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Friday, December 11, 2015

Apparel Quote

Executive Summary

Pedal Industries is a family-owned small business specializing in custom apparel. Their business process starts with a quote to a customer, which is built in Excel. The sales rep adds line items to the quote, and creates an estimate for the customer. The estimate must be emailed out for approval. At the same time, the quote is sent to a production manager, who will then create purchase orders and send those to the correct vendors. Often, a quote will involve two vendors: a blank items vendor and a decorator.

For Pedal Industries, automation opportunities include order tracking, calculating screen printing run charges, Estimate and Purchase Order generation, and email generation. This solution confronts all of Pedal Industries’ challenges through VBA code.

The user will begin with basic quote-level information: customer, vendors, in-hands date. He will then request a job number from the Master Job List workbook. Next, he will use data entry userforms to add line items to the quote. The process will first ask for the blank item type for the line, and then allow the user to enter up to 10 printing locations and color combinations for a single item.

Once the quote data is entered into the spreadsheet, the user can use ribbon buttons to accomplish the following: build estimates and purchase orders, print these to PDF in the job folder, and email PDFs to customers and vendors. Please refer to the Implementation Documentation and example workbook for more information.

Blank Apparel Quote File:

Master Job List - must be in same folder as Apparel Quote to get new job number:

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