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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Home Teaching Tool

 Currently I am a home teaching supervisor in my Elders Quorum in my ward. I am in charge of gathering the reports for my district on whether or not they completed their home teaching as well as if there are any other concerns the Elders Quorum Presidency should know about such as if the family is struggling. As I was trying to fulfill my responsibility I found that there was no good way to group all of the contact information to make it easy to obtain these reports. The only thing I was given was a pdf of who my district members were, their companions, and which families were being taught. There was also no way to digitally enter in home teaching reports, they were to be printed out and filled out manually.
 My solution I have implemented is a tool designed to create groups and companionships to organize the contact data in a way that is easy to view. Along with this, I wanted the tool to be relatively easy to change group information. For this reason, I worked specifically with the format that is used by the LDS church for a ward list. The tool is designed so that it can be updated by a new ward list without erasing all the data. It also allows data about which families were taught to be retained even if groups or companionships change or if the ward list changes.
 I also wanted a way to contact each group in a mass email both using this tool as well as creating a google import list to create the group on google contacts so that a person can contact the entire group on the fly. In addition to making it easier to contact the Elders, I wanted to make it easier to create a report where I could fill out home teaching results.
The system is essentially a list of worksheets that each act as their own database. First a ward list from the LDS Church is imported. The crucial data from the ward list is copied into the tool and acts as a repository for the rest of the data. With the data in place, the tool allows the user to create groups within individuals from the ward list. Once there are groups, the user can edit group memberships. Companionships can be added to groups and are made up of two individuals and the families they teach. Companionships’ families can be edited. Both groups and companionships can be edited and deleted. The system also allows for mass emails to whatever group the user chooses. Once the groups and companionships have been formed, the user can then generate a report where home teaching can be recorded. Lastly, I included a function that transfers the data captured in the report and saves it to another worksheet so that data can be preserved even if groups or companionships change.

Below is the ribbon that outlines the main features of my system.

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