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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Spiritual Workout Plan

Over the past few months, and throughout other times in my life, I have found that my personal scripture study becomes routine and less meaningful when I do the same thing each and every day. Despite my best efforts, I have yet to find an efficient way to get out of a monotonous study-rut once I am in it. So, in order to better follow Elder Uchtdorf’s counsel and "grasp the teachings of the scriptures", I have created a spiritual workout plan.

My spiritual workout plan application generates a series of tasks for the user to perform each day in order to keep their gospel study interesting and dynamic. This idea came to me this past conference when I felt like I needed to create an application that resembled a gym workout app I have been using to find new workouts and record my progress. Likewise, the spiritual application will generate new ‘workouts’ and record the users progress in a graphic interface. 

Some of the tasks the user will be prompted to perform include: 
Reading an article from the most recent issue of the Ensign 
A daily challenge to perform a random acts of service
A scripture of the day 
A weekly topic to study in True to the Faith 
A weekly challenge to improve self-discipline such as “don’t eat sugar for a week”
Record a daily journal entry

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