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Friday, December 11, 2015

BYU Club Signin

I wanted to be able to solve a problem that BYU Clubs face due to lack of availability of tools as much as disorganization. During club events, club leaders have to find a way to track who is and isn’t a member of their club, and aggregate those numbers in order to know total attendance. Since many clubs have a limited budget, having many “freeloading” participants may prevent them from being able to organize additional events due to lack of funds. Knowing attendance values is as useful to the club itself as it is to recruiters and each department's respective career centers. Unfortunately, BYU doesn’t enable this data gathering in any way. 
I think this can be solved by automating member check-in during these club activities. My application will allow a club to import their list of club members and check them in; and be able to reach out to gather information from prospective members who are visiting a club event without being a current member in order to send them information about the club such as benefits, upcoming activities, and how to join. I wanted to make the interface as easy to use as possible for club leaders so that they can focus on their roles as leaders, as well as quick in order to field a lot of people effectively. Once all of this data is gathered, it is trivial to aggregate the values and provide them as a report for accountability.

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