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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trophy Store - Quarterly and Monthly QuickBooks Comparison Form

Crown Trophy is the biggest franchiser of trophy stores in the nation and currently there are 142 stores located around the country. Crown Trophy focuses on providing high quality awards and recognitions to corporations and athletic groups. My father owns two of these franchises located in the Austin and San Marcos area. One of the main pain points that he experiences in managing his franchises, is the amount of time it takes to pull and organize QuickBooks data into a usable form. To aid with this problem, I developed a program that will easily pull in data from a QuickBooks report and format it for any number of Crown Stores.

            Formatting the data includes cleaning up the original report and only pulling in the correct line items and summations. This is accomplished through interaction with various user forms until the data is displayed by store and by the correct time period. I wrote two different codes for pulling in the two different time periods which are monthly and quarterly. New stores can be added or edited at any time. After the reports have been imported into my program the user can select to create a bar chart of any of the line items and compare these to the projected numbers for the same store and time period.  

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