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Friday, December 11, 2015

Current Events!

Executive Summary

In my Corporate Finance class our professor stressed the need to stay up-to-date on current events. I have heard counsel from other professors many times that we should read the Wall Street Journal or consistently read business and world news. As a poor college student, I cannot afford to pay for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, nor do I have the time to sift through pages of articles about world topics. Sometimes I just forget to read the news because I am so busy with other course work.

The “Current Events!” Excel workbook is the perfect solution to this problem. The program will send you an email every day containing the main headlines from the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. The program routes through the BYU library website to access the free version of the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. It copies the article headlines and links then it sends them in an email to the email address of your choosing. If you see an article that interests you then you can click the attached link to read the entire article for yourself. The program is automated to run at 5:00pm every day, so I will never miss a day of current events.

The “Current Events!” workbook solves the problem of cost, because it gets news headlines from BYU channels completely free of charge. It saves me time, because I do not have to go out and look for the news, the news comes right to me. Finally, on the days where I forget about current events, I will receive a nice little email at 5:00pm to remind me of what is going on in the world.

I’ll never miss out on a day of current events again!

Note: the passwords for the NetID and email address have been removed from this workbook. In order to run the sub procedures you will need to type in your own BYU netID, email address, and passwords.

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