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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Home Finder

Executive Summary - Home Finder
Bryson Loughmiller

The Problem

For anyone involved in real estate, whether a mogul looking to buy several properties, or just simply a person trying to find a home to purchase, hours and hours can be wasted looking through the hundreds of listings on the internet. They also have to run the same searches over and over again, typing in the same information that they previously entered in. Then, they have to click on each of the listings to see the details of each home, only to discover that it is not what they are looking for. For almost all sites with housing listings, there is no easy way to get a simple table of data from the search results that allows them to search through to identify a suitable house for purchase.

The Solution

The solution developed here is a VBA-enabled Excel workbook that allows for a user to easily pull a table of all the for sale home listings from KSL within specified parameters. On the “Search Parameters” tab, the user simply enters in the main search parameters for the type of house they are looking for. Once those parameters are entered, the user clicks the “Find New Listings” button in the “Home Finder” tab. Then, in the background, the VBA code goes to, runs the search, and goes to the page for each of the listings and scrapes the details for each. This then populates the “Listings” tab with the details, which can then be easily sorted through viewed.

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