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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Car Deals/KSL

Executive Summary
Recently I needed to buy my own first car. One of the biggest challenge I had experienced was that I just didn’t know much about cars. I wanted to know market prices and availability of cars that I’m interested in. I’ve been asking many friends how I can find the best deal and good car around here. All my friends suggested me to look up the KSL frequently to be familiar with cars.

As I have been searching many hours on the KSL car classifieds, I come up with the idea of making a good excel spreadsheet which can show me the prices, mileage, years, and descriptions of different cars that are available now. In that way, I can see which cars are better than others and also see more clearly how market price the specific car’s price. I also want to make a graph to visualize the data that I gather from online and it will help me to understand the market better.

The system I built will execute these wishes by showing the exact data that people want to know. I created a form that users can type what type of car they are interested in. A web scraper will create a list of cars with their respective title, price, mileage, and URL. Also, it allows to get additional information from As a result of the search, VBA create a graph to analyze the data. The graph visualize the prices of cars based on mileage. This will really help users to find the great deals that offer low mileage with a decent price.


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