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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

HRIS Decision Support System

Executive Summary

How to determine the pay structure? What about employee benefits? How can we manage performance or training processes? When do we perform a job analysis? Can we change the workflow structure from that analysis? These are just a few examples of human capital challenges within organizations.

Decisions for this kind of issues need to be aligned to the organization's strategy, and in order to better inform these decisions, the HR function is being transformed to be more data driven.
Managers need decision support systems that not only provide meaningful insights, but that are also easy to use and portable.

The “HRIS Decision Support System” project is part of the MBA 614: Spreadsheet Automation course learning experience, and is designed to provide a tool for HR managers to make decisions concerning job analysis, pay structure, and individual employee’s compensation.

The solution is codded in VBA, and applies most of the tools acquired throughout the course, plus some other elements from online research, Even when the company it is based on is fictitious, the decision support system could be used in real business situations as a complementary tool for HR Managers in small/medium-size organizations, allowing them to import data, analyze it, and create useful reports.


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