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Thursday, December 10, 2015

First Class Cars - Credit Cards

Executive Summary

The Problem:
I work for a small, tax company. We mainly focus on doing tax returns for our clients. However, we also keep the books for a few clients. One such client, First Class Cars, has a great deal of credit card information to sort through at the end of the year. They use their credit cards for both work and personal use, so sorting through the purchases and deciding which account to put the purchase towards is difficult. In the past, this process has been VERY time-consuming – usually taking days to complete. I wanted to streamline the process. 

The Solution:
One of the previous co-workers did a great job making a macro for ONE of the credit cards. However, it wasn’t something transferable between credit cards. It dealt specifically with information pulled from the one credit card’s online information. First Class Cars has over a DOZEN credit cards – probably close to 20 –I’ve created something that can be used on ALL credit cards. This involves an all-in-one user form to work through the information. The form has 3 tabs. One for processing the vendor information to determine the appropriate account number to use. Another to add new vendors. And the last one to format the data to import into our accounting software, Certiflex. I also created a "Clear Form" macro to simplify the process of starting a new credit card.

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