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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Certified Medicaid Services File Converter

Medicare Part D is a prescription drug benefit that Certified Medicaid Services subsidizes for applicable health plans.  Their tight regulations and requirements, make it essential for Part D Sponsors to be able to convert CMS Files and provide up to date reporting on a regular basis.  As of today, CMS has not issued any tool to convert their files into manipulative data. 

CMS Conversion/Reporting Tool

The System I have built has three major components

1)    Conversion of CMS Files
2)    Reporting with real time Enrollment Data
3)    Reconciliation of CMS Files

Conversion of CMS Files

The system has built in the formats of various CMS files that are needed for CMS reporting.  Once the file has been transferred into the shared file location, the system will allow the user to select the file from a file directory.

Reporting from Real Time Enrollment Data

The system will allow the user to access the Enrollment Data tables and create reporting based on the information available.  There are two reports already built in, which are the “Enrollment Report” and the “LEP Report.”  There is also a way to customize a report by using the SQL Assistance form.

Reconciliation of CMS Files

Another benefit to the system is the ability to reconcile CMS Files.  It will aggregate all of the necessary inputs and reconcile the accumulated amounts between reports.

ACC 520 Excel Folder

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