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Friday, December 11, 2015

KSL Car Scraper

Originally, I thought of creating a buying tool for golf clubs after taking a beginning golf class here at BYU. The tool would scrape KSL and send me an email of the latest deals. It was a great idea, until my entrepreneurial roommate came up with something much more lucrative. 

Instead of golf clubs, we decided to search for cheap car prices listed on KSL and then compare them to the Kelly Blue Book listings. If the gap is big enough ($2,000 or more) because some local seller forgot to do their Kelly Blue Book research, then we plan to buy it cheap then turn around and sell it for a big profit. This project was an excellent opportunity to create a tool that would email me directly of the latest deals on KSL.

My entrepreneurial roommate and I hope to pay off the rest of college with our car trading business and graduate BYU debt free! Please click the links below to view my project and write-up files:

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