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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Duplicate File Manager - Bradley Clark

I have a tendency to duplicate files across my filesystem for a number of reasons, mostly lack of organization.  Usually, this is for a temporary purpose (such as a staging location for a backup or making a video which uses many multimedia files).  The result is a lot of duplicated files spread across a maze of nested folders.  To find all of these duplicate files manually would be next to impossible, so a way to automate this process is needed.  Having duplicate files increases virus scan time, decreases disk space, and increases disk latency.

I built a macro that can take a directory and find the true duplicate files based on their SHA-1 hash and name.  It searches recursively to locate all the duplicates and presents them in an organized table along with options of what to do.  The user can then select an action (Retain, Delete, Master, and Shortcut) for how to proceed with the files.

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