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Thursday, December 10, 2015

VBA For Analyzing Kahoot! Online Quiz Results

My mother is a high school AP social science teacher who often uses the Online Quiz Service called “Kahoot!” to administer quizzes to help assess comprehension of in-class discussions and homework assignments. However, the format Kahoot! provided the results was long and difficult to read and obtain quick results.

            The system I designed enables the user to login to the Kahoot! website with a small amount of manual manipulation and analyzes the results of the chosen quiz. These results are summarized on the first tab of the workbook and allows the user to quickly scan the information to identify potential problem questions and users who encountered difficulties with wrong answers.

            Note: The Login portion of the file will not work without a Kahoot! username and password. I will include the username and password for grading purposes on LearningSuite in the notes submission. However, I have provided .xls files with data for the program to manipulate. The original file must be cleared of any prior analysis before analyzing a new file. The best way to do this is doing a "Save As" and creating a new file and reopening the "Online Quiz Analyzer." 

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