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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Contact Reminder

As a management consultant, remembering facts about clients and co-workers is crucial to building relationships. To keep tract of a large amount of facts and interactions (by large there can be easily 20+ personnel on each client site, multiply that with 7+ engagements a year, and adding on 6+ consultants from other offices for each of the 7+ engagements a year), I have decided to keep a “contact database” where I will log information of each person I have interacted with in the business setting. On top of basic info such as name, offices and mutual friends, birthdays, family information, hobby and specific notes are part of this database. I also tract when was the last time I interacted with the person. One major problem I have had is with a busy schedule I always missed important interaction opportunities.
This macro goes through all the contacts I have and single out those that are "overdue" based on a predetermined frequency indication. The next step for this project is to make edits sync with the database.
(Note: In this document I have included a dummy database to protect private information.)

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