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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Madness Bracket Picker - Weston Kunz

The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the most hyped sporting events of the year. Millions of people around the nation participate in March Madness bracket competition, during which time they try to predict the outcome of every game during the tournament. Although the chances of predicting every game correctly are slim to none, that doesn’t stop sports fans from taking pride in that fact that their bracket is not as bad as that of their peers. Unfortunately, the hype that takes place in the middle of March as the tournament begins quickly dies down as their predictions prove to be incredibly incorrect.

In attempt to bring some order to the “madness” I created the March Madness Bracket Picker. This workbook reads stats for all 344 NCAA Men’s division I basketball teams and chooses the outcome of each game according to the stats. The predictions are scored against the actual outcome of the 2012 Men’s basketball tournament. The scoring system used by the bracket is the same scoring system that ESPN uses for its bracket challenge. Along with a bracket generator I have included a form that displays the stats for each team. This form is helpful for the careful planner who wants to see the stats himself/herself and then make his/her own predictions. More than anything, this workbook helps the user understand which stats help make the best predictions.

Project Workbook:

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