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Monday, April 9, 2012

Plinio Santana's Final VBA project - SENNA'S NEWS

Executive Summary

            Senna’s News is a spreadsheet collector of web news about a prominent Brazilian race driver, Bruno Senna, acting for him as a market agent.
            Bruno Senna is nephew of a race driver legend, Ayrton Senna, considered by the specialized press as the best Formula 1 race driver of all times. When Bruno was 9 years old, Ayrton said in an interview: “if you think I am fast, wait to see my nephew” (talking about Bruno, 9 years old in that time, when they race together with karts). After Ayrton’s death in a race accident in 1994, Brazil had lost one of its top tree sport idols in the history. However, this year, the Senna name is back to Formula 1 and Ayrton’s nephew will compete in the main world category of the auto sport. Bruno will use a medium power car in a team, Williams F1, that had several championships in the past, but now, has a medium performance car, financial power and has struggling to reach the times of glory again. Bruno’s team companion, occupying the other Williams car is the race driver from Venezuela, Pastor Maldonado. Each team has a chief operational engineering, and their opinions published in the press act like a thermometer of the driver’s image in the sponsorship market.
            To race in Formula 1, as a beginner, you need to have a good resume and take many sponsors for your team. So, to acquire sponsors, the driver’s image is very important, and media vehicles should be monitored all the time. The specialized press is working every day, bringing to their websites. The driver’s companion news are also important to be analyzed, because the relationship and performance (one against other with the same car, same conditions) affects the race driver image too.
So, the spreadsheet will collect info from the main sports websites, searching for Senna’s, companion’s, chief’s and team’s news   and join all info (website name, news) in a user form. The query will provide also quick links to open personal websites like Twitter and Facebook and the websites where the news are more detailed. In addition, we will access the Championship ranking of the 8th best drivers and the Calendar of the races (date and country) of the current year. Finally, the system has a log system using text files to inform the user minor details about his/her actions in the system, helping the user to have a historic data and identify possible issues, showing until where the system was working correctly.  It will monitor companion news and his last tweets as well as Senna’s last tweets too. The spreadsheet will also record log entries in a text file (see example in the third file below: SENNALOGFILE.LOG). 

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