These are projects posted by the students of Dr. Gove Allen at Brigham Young University. These students have taken one semester-long course on VBA and generally have had no prior programming experience

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bank Impairment Worksheet

The purpose of this project in VBA is to facilitate the use and uniformity of an impairment analysis of bank assets. In accordance with Financial Accounting Standards (FAS) 114 and FAS 5, every loan held by First Utah Bank must be analyzed for impairment. In layman’s terms, this means each loan must be analyzed to make sure that the bank will get back all of the principal and interest owed. This is a very strict rule enforced by the Federal Reserve, which audits the bank’s loan portfolio semiannually.

In the past, the documentation for this process was fragmented and unfamiliar to those loan officers who were required to fill out these forms. There were many questions as to what needed to be included in an impairment analysis. For each loan officer, you would find a different approach to justifying why or why not a loan may be considered impaired or not. In addition to incorrect approaches taken, other problems with the process existed, mainly, human errors when inputting information into the document, and failure to update and print out all the new documents semiannually per each audit from the Fed.

When auditors from the Federal Reserve would see multiple approaches to doing an impairment analysis (many of them very incorrect) or errors in an impairment analysis, it reflected very poorly on the bank’s management and resulted in tighter controls and regulations, which, from the bank’s perspective, is universally deplored.

In order to facilitate the uniformity of the impairment analysis document, this VBA project includes a much more friendly form to use, with only minimal inputs required by the user of the form. Any time that information required on the form can be obtained from the bank’s customer database, that information is pulled automatically from the database rather than having the potential for human error introduced into the system.

Finally, when the user is done completing the form, there is a button that the user can press which will print all the forms created. This is a massive time saver for the user, who in the past would have to go in and individually print out dozens, if not hundreds of documents.

Below you will find a complete walkthrough of the form, including how it is to be used and what is needed to complete the form. There are five sections to the form, with each section being detailed below.


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