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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creating Holiday Calendar Events

            My project gave me the joy of running into many brick walls metaphorically speaking of course.  I had to pivot my idea many many times to reach my current project.  I will leave that summary for the discussion of learning and conceptual difficulties encountered portion.

Description of the Biz
            This is in reference to a problem I faced at an internship last Summer was co-worker that were inexperienced with technology and calendar events.  Pretty much all companies use calendars.  Most people use Microsoft Outlook®, but there are a select few that go against the stream.  Generally speaking, most desktop and many online interfaces manage calendars and emails quite nicely.  The annoying part is that they all do it in different ways that are not always intuitive.  This is where my project comes in.

Overview of the System I Built
            My system is great for situations like this!  It really gets back to basics for those people who like hard file and are afraid of the cloud or syncing.  A company can decide their holidays or days the want (which are holidays in my book) and they can distribute a file that contains them all.  The nice thing is they can do it all from one place that is easy to use.

This program…
·      Runs at the click of a button
·      Create the necessary pages on the fly
·      Opens a nice user interface to do all the needed
·      Visually displays results as your creating events
·      Allows you to designate a file path you would like
·      Create a .ics file with all holidays you created
·      Allows you to cancel out of the interface

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