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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sherpa Program

Sherpa Program - Darrin Craner

All First Year MBA students are assigned mentors for the internship search.  These mentors are Second Year students and are referred to as Sherpas.  The Sherpa program is structured to help develop resumes, hone interview skills, and facilitate networking opportunities. 

A Better Way?

Currently the Sherpa program uses a couple of two by two table on Google Spreadsheets to track the information and progress of each climber (1st year).  There have been issues however in the data mining process.  Toward the end of the year much of the information needed to be accessed which proved to be an ominous task and very inefficient.  The following Sherpa Program is the Beta version of what I refer to as the Sherpa Dashboard.  Here any member of the program, at any level, can log in and see the progress of each climber, Sherpa, track lead or entire track.  Over the summer I will continue to make additions to get it fully functional for SQL Database, but this semester I was mainly focused on creating the foundation for the program which I am glad to say that, over 1300 lines of code and over 60 hours later (no exaggeration) I have successfully written a program that can easily be linked to just one SQL table and serve as a user friendly access point.  I will not be able to discuss all aspects of the program, so I will stick to the interesting stuff.

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