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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Public Company Comparator

Financial analysts are often requested to perform financial risk assessments and financial comparisons for a variety of companies including competitors, suppliers, acquisition targets and acquisition market comps. This can be a time consuming endeavor as each company’s financials must be obtained, common sized and then compared to each other. Also, a variety of ratios are calculated to aid in understanding each company’s performance and comparing those to one another within a similar industry. This analysis tool provides quick access to a series of financial statement analysis tools that provide a quick and effective way to compare the financial performance of any publicly traded company with the performance of several of that company’s competitors.

This tool utilizes the free services provided by Yahoo! Finance to retrieve standardized financial information for any publicly traded U.S. company as well as a simple list of competitors. The financial statements for the target company as well as the competitors are retrieved via web query. Information is pulled from each of the statements to calculate the ratios required for performing DuPont, credit rating and Altman Bankruptcy Z-Score analyses. The income statement and balance sheet for the target company and competitors are then translated into common size terms in order to allow comparison across companies regardless of the size of the company. 


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