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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Couponer's Paradise

Executive Summary

Many people these days have the need to save money on their regular expenses. I am no exception and my wife has done an excellent job being frugal our whole marriage. She, and many other grocery shoppers, has found great methods to coupon that has helped her save money on groceries. Great couponers can dramatically reduce their monthly expenses without giving up the things they like to eat and use.

One website that is particularly helpful for my wife is On this site you can go to a store of your choice and print off a list of deals being offered at that store. In this list there is a rating system that rates how good the deal is. A 1 is not great and a 5 is so great you should stock up your shelves. If applicable, next to the deal there will be a link to a coupon you can print out and take to the store or general detail or instructions on the deal. The problem with this site is that it takes a long time for my wife to look through the items offered and see if there is anything we need. The problem is magnified when she is trying to compare one store to another.

I have created the Couponer’s Paradise to solve these problems. All you need to do is hit a button to pull in the latest deals and make your grocery list using the tool and it will scour the website data for all the current deals at the grocery stores of your choice. You can then evaluate deals side-by-side very quickly to determine the best place to shop for your items. You can also quickly read the deal instructions or follow the link provided to print off your coupon – all of this conveniently located next to each deal on your list. Finally, just print off your list and have fun saving money.

This tool will help my wife save us even more money at a fraction of the time.



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