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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pianist's repertoire database

My VBA project establishes a database for piano teachers, their students and the students’ repertoire in 5 different musical periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist and 20th Century. This database includes all details of a pianist’s entire repertoire, including era, composer, the piece title (and any accompanying nickname), and the catalogue number if applicable (i.e. “Opus” or “BWV #”, etc.).

When the form “PianoRepertoireForm” is opened, the user first selects a teacher listed in the teacher list, and a list of students pops up in the student list. The user then selects a student, and all 5 musical eras populate of their entire repertoire. A musician is considered to have a piece in their repertoire when they have thoroughly learned a piece and given a performance of the work (preferably memorized for pianists).

This enables the user to quickly gain a visualization of their repertoire, seeing the big picture regarding their life’s musical work and giving them perspective about new works to learn, their next recital program, goal-setting, big projects to undertake and a desire to resurrect works previously learned for future performances.

Users that would greatly benefit from such a database and visual list would be:

- Piano teachers and professors who want to see what their student’s repertoire is, quickly visualizing where strengths and any “holes” that might be in that student’s repertoire.

- Piano students interested in seeing their own repertoire for strengths and holes, and also to compare their repertoire with their peers (to such repertoire lists made public).

- Professional orchestras, recital and concert series, artist agencies, universities and music conservatories and even private teachers looking to recruit specific students with specializations or interesting recital programs.

- Pianists needing to submit repertoire lists for auditions, applications for university/conservatory, competitions, etc. This gives them a ready-made list that is easily edited by simply selecting the “add new work” drop-down feature from each era.

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