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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Buyer

Buying books for school is a pain. First off, rarely do students know what books they need. In order to find out, they have to go to the bookstore, print out one of those book lists, and hunt for their books among a throng of thousands of other students. Secondly, it is extremely difficult to determine where they can get their books the cheapest. With options like the BYU Bookstore, Amazon, and, it is a chore to scour each website and compare prices for every single book. Finally, adding books to the shopping cart also creates a certain amount of pain for students as they have to click “add to car” for every single book. All of these pain points inspired the creation of Book Buyer.

Book Buyer is the solution that every student has dreamed of. With the click of a single button, Book Buyer not only gathers a list of all your books needed for the current semester, but it also compares prices from the three top vendors:,, and the BYU Bookstore. The Book Buyer doesn’t stop there. After comparing prices from all three vendors, it automatically selects the vendor that provided the books at the lowest price, and then automatically adds the books to the student’s shopping cart. After that, Book Buyer presents a page to the student showing their shopping cart with all of their books freshly added and ready for purchase.

This system provides significant benefits to multiple parties. As mentioned above, students will readily accept a system as it not only automates the entire book buying process, but also ensures that they get the best deal. Additionally, professors will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that there is now one less barrier between their students and text books. As obstacles to purchasing books are removed more books will make to the hands of students. Finally, this system will inspire healthy competition between vendors. As only the vendors with the cheapest prices are be chosen by Book Buyer, they will strive to reduce costs to ensure they maximize sales.

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