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Friday, April 13, 2012

Financial State of the Union

After further analyzing the situation, it became clear that the most important solution would be a time-saving solution.  Discussions with the boss revealed that there was a tremendous amount of time used gathering simple financial information in the effort to understand the “bottom line,” and that is where the idea for this project began.

The household where this project will ultimately reside is no different than many today – there are multiple sources of cash outflow (viz. credit cards) and a similar amount of cash reserves (e.g. bank & checking accounts).  With recent legislation passing that effects the consumer credit industry – it is ever more important to be on top of monthly payment.  Calendar dates when bills are due can change every month, so the idea behind this project is to create an easy to use tool that automatically gathers the account balances, outstanding charges, and most importantly – due dates of the major credit cards being used.  Phase two of the project will mirror the functionality for banking accounts.  Ultimately, this tool decreases the number of times during the month when a credit card user visits the online account center.

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